Equine Custom Blends

Equine have specialized digestive systems different from most other species. To accommodate this special need, SGI has developed an ‘Equine Custom Blends’ program.

By blending highly-digestible fodder with premium quality hay/forage, equine owners can reduce or eliminate most grain supplements and achieve the ultimate balanced diet to eliminate colitis, ulcers and many digestion and weight control problems. 

In coordination with veterinarians and nutritionists, owners can formulate the most effective blend of Fodder, Forage, Pasture and Supplements to keep horses in peak condition.     

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Natural, palatable, consistent and nutritional source of blended timothy and orchard grass hay for all classes of horses.

* Can replace up to 100% of hay or pasture requirements.

* Supports blood building and digestive health with yeast, a natural source of B-vitamins.

* Helps promote the immune system.

* Chopped to enhance digestibility of nutrients critical to a horse's health and performance.

* Reduces metabolic concerns with controlled starch, while supporting muscle maintenance.

* Convenient and mess-free bags consistently contain the same palatable nutrition; reducing sorting and resulting in less waste than with conventional baled hay.


* Crude Protein (min.)9.0%

* Crude Fat (min)6.0%

* Crude Fiber (max.)30.0%

* Starch (max.)4.0%

* Vitamin A (min.)600 IU/lb

* Vitamin D (min.)60 IU/lb

* Vitamin E (min.)5 IU/lb


***Green Meadows 365***  

SGI is an Authorized GM365 Dealer for Growers of Premium Quality Alfalfa, Grasses & Forage Blends in the Midwest.

Our 'Preferred Growers' Produce Sun-Cured Forages that are Baled, Chopped, Custom Blended & Bagged at Optimal Storage (16%) Moisture and 'Peak Nutritional Value'.

By custom blending highly nutritious Fodder (by weight) with high-quality Forage, performance and pleasure horses can now achieve the highest quality nutritional balance.EXAMPLE of "Perfect Equine Blend" Daily/Monthly Ration Cost -  

A 1000 lb. horse is fed a ration of 2.5% of body weight = 25 lbs/day (15 lbs. Fodder + 10 lbs. of Forage)

*(Fodder & Forage ration % can be adjusted to meet energy requirements based on age, activity and condition.) 

Cost of 15 lbs. of Fodder (15 X $.06/lb.) = $0.90 

Cost of 10 lbs. of Forage (10 X $.30/lb.) = $3.00

Total Daily Ration -- 15 lbs. Fodder + 10 lbs. Forage ($0.90 + $3.00) = $3.90/day

$3.90/day x 30 = $117/mo.

( Values are approx. based on regional hay/forage prices & shipping. Supplements NOT Included.)

*** Consult your Nutritionist & Veterinarian for Custom Blends***