About SGI


Specialty Grains Int'l (SGI) is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality cereal grains, forages & legumes and coordinates growers & producers of fodder/sprouting systems. As stewards of the Creator's precious farm lands, farmers and ranchers can provide stable, cost-effective, high quality nutrition for their' horses, livestock and poultry to feed the nation and the world.

SGI is built on a Foundation of: 

   Character – Honesty – Reliability – Integrity – Service - Trust         

Curtis W. Swenson is the founder and managing director of Specialty Grains Int'l.  SGI was formed in 2010 at the height of an extreme drought in Texas and other widespread areas of the U.S.  At the time, Curtis was introduced to fodder/sprouting as an alternative feed source for livestock. 

Sprouting was developed 1000's of years ago in Egypt and was reignited over 50 years ago in Australia where farmers and ranchers had experienced extended periods of severe drought.

With the high mortality of nearly one million head of livestock in Texas, and sky-rocketing feed grain and hay prices, farmers and ranchers were desperate to find other options to sustain their' livestock.

On a 2010 tour of Amish and Mennonite farms, Curtis discovered that innovative Amish dairy farmers had developed fodder systems but were being sold 'low' quality feed barley for their' systems. Sensitive to their plight, Mr. Swenson went back to his roots in the Midwest to find high quality barley sources. Curtis, grew up on an 1100 acre grain and livestock farm in the fertile Red River Valley of the North.

History of RRV Bonanza Farms  

Barley was a mainstay in the rotation of alfalfa, corn, wheat, soybeans and sunflowers on the third-generation family farm. The Swenson farm was active in the development of hybrid barley & sunflower varieties by participating in field test plots with NDSU at Fargo, ND.

Thus began the reawakening passion of a "farmboy" to build a reputation and an active business across the U.S..

Today, Curtis is known as the "Barley Guy" to the Amish and Mennonite communities throughout the country. 

SGI is a premier grain supplier to fodder producers of premier fodder equipment manufacturers in the U.S.. This insures that fodder system owners experience high yields and nutritional quality fodder/sprouts for their' horse, livestock and poultry operations.

                                            Our Motto - "Your Success is Our Success"