Specialty Grains Int'l (SGI) sources premium quality grains, legumes & forages grown in the Rocky Mountain highlands and on the Northern Great Plains of the Dakotas & Minnesota extending into the prairie provinces of Canada. 


Between the open prairies of North Dakota and the forested lake country of northern Minnesota, lies the Red River Valley of the North - one of the most fertile farming regions on Earth.  The north flowing river valley is 550 miles long and widens from 10 to 50 miles before entering Manitoba and emptying into Lake Winnipeg and then on to Hudson Bay. The valley has some of the world's richest topsoil of organic black loam formed by glacial sediment deposits left from ancient Lake Agassiz.  Average annual rainfall of 28 inches is produced from the convergence of cool dry Canadian and humid Gulf air masses.  It grows a wide variety of crops including red spring wheat, sugar beets, potatoes, sunflowers, corn, soy beans, lentils and some of the highest quality malting barley in the World.             

                                                                                 Red River Valley Barley Growers MN/ND                                                                                      SGI Processing Site - Breckenridge MN     

                                                                                       SGI Barley Storage - Hope ND

Although barley is grown in warmer southern regions for feed, the best conditions for growing quality fodder/sprouting malting barley is in northern climates. The 'cooler nights' allow ripening grain to recover during hot summer 'heat stress' resulting in higher test weight and superior plump seed development during the 'flowering cycle.'

Barley is an ancient grain grown and documented since Biblical times. As barley protein is slightly lower compared to other cereal grains, protein is enhanced in the sprouting process.  Barley has one of the most explosive germ rates of all grains and is the preferred choice for fodder/sprouting.

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SGI also sources premium barley from another prime growing area in the irrigated fertile San Luis Valley of Colorado.  At 7,600 feet, it is the highest elevation and largest commercial agricultural valley in the world.  The arid San Luis Valley is expansive and flat varying from 20 to 50 miles in width and 100 miles long from north to south. The valley sits between the Sangre de Christo and San Juan mountain ranges in southern Colorado.  This fertile highland valley is renowned for malting barley, potatoes, alfalfa & wheat along with carrots, lettuce, broccoli, canola, and cauliflower.   

                                                                                       San Luis Valley CO Barley Grower                                                                                     SGI Processing Site - San Luis Valley CO                                                                                    SGI Barley Storage - So. Fork CO

                                                                                   The Best Barley Growers in America

SGI works directly with both the growers & the livestock/poultry producers.  After germ & quality testing is complete, SGI coordinates sourcing agreements between growers and producers for delivery of grain to onsite fodder/sprout operations.

SGI maintains rigorous standards of testing to insure that the highest quality grains are delivered to its fodder producers. All grain testing is done by third-party certified grain testing labs. (See Certificates of Analysis).       


Grain is cleaned by a specially designed air-density grain cleaner to meet quality standards of 99.5%+ purity.

The Almaz Grain Cleaner is a patented cost effective and efficient grain cleaner for farmers, co-ops and seed dealers in the U.S.. 


                                                                                    How the Almaz Grain Cleaner Works_________________________

All grain shipments are processed with 'Diatomaceous Earth' (DE) & trace minerals.  DE is added to grains to absorb moisture that can otherwise lead to clumping and caking. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) keeps grains dry, and improves flowability, while creating an unfavorable environment for mold, bacterial growth and is also an effective 'bug exterminator'.                


*** It is strongly recommended that all grains delivered to humid, high dew point climates be stored in climate controlled containers or structures to avoid grain moisture absorption which can adversely affect the germination energy and vigor of the seed for fodder systems.***


*** Customer Comments ***

"I have tried other grain sources in my area with poor yields on my fodder system.  SGI puts me in contact with growers who grow the best quality I can find." M. Gingerich - TN

"I have been using organic barley sourced by SGI in my fodder system for nearly a year and have noticed my herd is more content and calm with increased milk production, butter fat and protein.  The milk has a milder sweeter taste right from the bulk tank." N. Gebhart - WI

"I was introduced to SGI over 8 years ago and have been very satisfied with growers introduced to me who provide quality grain." S. Huber - KY

"I have purchased barley from many sources for my Fodder System but "The Barley Guy" finds the best quality organic grains at the best price." A. Esh - PA