Fodder Systems in U.S.

Fodder Systems in U.S.
An Agritom Fodder System is a great addition to any farm as it will allow the producer to increase their carrying capacity without the cost of purchasing additional land.  
(Model Shown) AGR-600
Daily Production:
4/5 Day Grow Cycle – (2,000lbs)
6/7 Day Grow Cycle – (1,300lbs)
Now available with industry leading inverter technology.

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Fodder Group FG-20 System
One of the highest yielding fodder systems in America. The FG-20 will produce 1200 lbs. to 1500 lbs. per day. This system has a '4 Day' grow cycle one of the shortest in the industry!

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                                                     FodderTech Container System
500 lbs per day “turnkey” fodder system built in a 20 ft. container is delivered ready for use.
FodderTech container fodder systems have well-insulated walls lined with easy to clean panels and rubber floors, five-foot long growing trays mounted on corrosion-proof aluminum racks and have a 30 inches wide aisle.
                              Modular container systems can be scaled to any size including 10 tons per day or more of production capacity.

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